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    The purpose of this section is to share ideas and solve problems. We encourage you to send pictures and/or text explaining your C25/250 and Capri modifications so others can benefit from your experience. We all enjoy seeing what others have done to their boats, now it's your turn, please take the time and contribute to this section. See bottom of page for instructions.

    Catalina 25 Tips

    Catalina 250 Tips

    Capri 25 Tips

    All boats

    General Tech Tips (Sailing tips, etc.)

    How to submit your tips and modifications :

    • Please make it clear the category of the tech tip (eg. Give the Boat type and Year of Manufacture)
    • Provide an overview: State the reason for the tip and the benefits.
    • Provide as much detail as needed to get the point across (we will edit as necessary)
    • If it is a project, then give the rough costs and time involved.
    • Pictures are encouraged, but not necessary. Text only submissions are welcomed. Describe your modifications in a clear, easy to understand method.
    • All pictures must relate to the , or Try to keep the file size below 50,000 bytes in .jpg, or .png format.
    • If you have photographs, you can send them to us, we'll scan them for you and put them on this page at no cost.
      A picture says a thousand words, so include them, but be aware we may reduce or crop them to suit.

      If you do not have the pictures in digital format, please send an email to the Webmaster for shipping instructions.