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Stowing the Sails When Single Handing

One of the posts around here was talking about sails and various ideas, Lazy Jacks and or not having some. How to stow the sails or what to do when single handing when you have no Lazy Jacks. When sailing aboard Odyssey, a 90' Sparkman and Stephens, I learned to Jelly Roll the sails. After all, a main sail weighing 500 lbs, you need the easiest system possible. I tried to explain how Jelly rolling was done but I think there were a few questions. Following is a simple description and pictures. When the main is down you simply pull out the bottom 3 or 4 feet of the sail next to the boom. Pulling aft on the leach of the sail you lay it into this flat area battens and all. Once its looking tidy you roll the outer edge toward the middle and roll the sail up onto the boom. Then put your ties on the sail. I hope the pictures give you all a better idea. Its easy to do once you have practiced it. Lots easier than flaking. I threw in my home made sail ties for fun.