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Our association is built on the volunteer work of numerous individuals. Everyone is urged to volunteer their time, as without help this great sailing group will not grow and evolve.

Past Commodores


   2006-2007 Commodore Frank Hopper

   2005-2006 Commodore Jim Baumgart

   2004-2005 Commodore Don Peet

   2003-2004 Commodore Clifton Thompson

   2002-2003 Commodore Ed Jakubus

   2000-2002 Commodore Jim Meier

   1998-1999 Commodore Steve Murphy

   1997-1998 Commodore James A. Bogner Sr. CPA

   1996-1997 Commodore Gary Hodo

   1995-1996 Commodore Bill de Decker

   1994-1995 Commodore Jim Highsmith

   1993-1994 Commodore Gene Crosby

   1993-1993 Commodore Richard Henderson

   1990-1993 Commodore Kerry Tyler

   1989-1990 Position Vacant

   1986-1989 Commodore Bob Raider

   1985-1987 Commodore Larry Haggart

   1984-1985 Commodore Steve Milby

   1983-1984 Commodore Steve Geiss