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Fleet Development Manual



The officers and staff of the Catalina 25/250 National Association believe that one of the keys to strengthening the National Association is the development and redevelopment of local fleets.  The purpose of the Fleet Development Manual is to provide a tool that local fleets can use in developing their fleet organization; or, that existing fleets can use to re-organize their fleet.


A local fleet is the responsibility of the local fleet.  The organization, by-laws, qualification for membership, the fleet program (racing, cruising, rendezvous and social activities), meetings, officers, dues, etc. are decisions that the local fleet needs to consider.  The officers and staff of the National Association are glad to assist local fleets, but the ultimate responsibility is vested in the local fleet.




1.                 In order to charter a new fleet, or recognize the re-establishment of a former fleet, the local fleet must provide the National Association Secretary a list of Regular Members who are members of the Catalina 25/250 National Association.  A minimum of three Regular Members and all local fleet officers will be required to be members of the National Association to receive a charter for a local fleet. (See Catalina 25/250 National Association Constitution and Bylaws, Section III. Membership Eligibility, Sub-paragraph A.)

2.                 Local fleets are encouraged to require all their members be Regular Members in good standing of the National Association.  However membership decisions are decisions that the local fleet must deal with, so in submitting an application for fleet charter, local fleets are requested to submit a list of Affiliate Members of the local fleet.  An Affiliate Member is a member of the local fleet, but not a member of the Catalina 25/250 National Association.  As such an Affiliate Member is not eligible to participate in “member-only” activities of the National Association, including, but not limited to helming in the National Association Regatta.

3.                 In addition any local fleet requesting a fleet charter should submit the following with their Application for a Fleet Charter:


·        A copy of the fleet bylaws – if and when drafted.

·        A copy of the program for the first year of fleet existence.

·        A schedule of meetings – if the local fleet anticipates regularly scheduled meetings

·        A fleet calendar – if appropriate

·        Identification of Fleet Officers.




In order to develop a local fleet, there are many decisions that need to be made.  The purpose of this section of the Fleet Development Manual is to highlight some of these considerations.


1.                 What is the purpose of your local fleet?  It is expected that the objective and purpose of the local fleet will be consistent with the objective and purpose of the National Association.  (See the Constitution and Bylaws of the Catalina 25/250 National Association; paragraph II, Objectives for the objective and purpose of the National Association.)

2.                 Do you want to draft bylaws for your local fleet?  Bylaws do not need to complicated, and can be a one or two page summary of who you are as fleet and how you plan to operate.  The Fleet Captain’s Manual (attached to Fleet Development Manual) gives some simple advice on the nature of bylaws that might be appropriate for a local fleet.  You could also review the Catalina 25/250 National Association Constitution and Bylaws and modify them to fit your special circumstances.  Or, work with the draft taken from the Catalina 30’s.  Remember all this is suggestion, you in your local fleet need to decide what you want to do.  These examples may not be appropriate for a newly organizing fleet with 3-5 regular members, but as the fleet grows, you may find advantage in formalizing the way you do business together.

3.                 Who is eligible to be a member of your local fleet?  It is probably a good idea to address the following as part of your discussion:


·        Is your membership limited to just Catalina 25’s?  Or, just Catalina 250’s?  Or is it open to both?

·        Is your membership open to members of a specific yacht club, or to boats sailing a particular geographic area.

·        Are you going to require your local fleet members to be Regular Members of the Catalina 25/250 National Association, or, are you going to establish an Affiliate Membership category for owners of a C25/250 yacht who are not members of the National Association?  The officers and staff believe you will build a stronger fleet if all local members are Regular Members of the National Association.


4.                 What officers are going to administer the affairs of your local fleet?  You may want to at least four officers: Fleet Captain, Secretary, Treasurer and Measurer.  Initially your organization is likely to be fairly informal, but as your fleet grows you may want to formalize some structure and these are the offices you want to incorporate into your local fleet structure.  What kinds of responsibilities does each officer have, and what kinds of decisions need to be brought before the entire fleet membership? 

5.                 What meetings are going to have?  Most fleet members are interested in sailing, and are not interested in meetings.  Maybe you want to hold infrequent meetings, and then only on Sunday evenings.  Perhaps a potluck would make a meeting a fun social event.  Perhaps you will want to have only an annual meeting, combined with a holiday social activity.

6.                 What are going to be the annual dues of your local fleet?  How are they established?  Do members need to approve dues, or do the fleet officers establish annual dues based on expected fleet activities?  Perhaps you will decide not to establish any local dues, figuring each fleet event will pay for itself.

7.                 What will be the program of your local fleet?  Are you going to have local regattas for the racers in your fleet?  If so, who will run the races?  How are you going to select an annual fleet champion?  What cruises will you provide for your cruising skippers?  Will you plan any rendezvous’ during the season?  Where will you meet?  What kind of activities will be planned?  What other social activities will be part of the life of your fleet?  Once your program discussions have taken place, you can prepare a fleet calendar for the year.  It would be a good thing to include other events on your fleet calendar: races, cruises and rendezvous that your members might be interested in attending.  This would be especially valuable for the trailer sailors in your local fleet.

8.                 What kind of communications will be part of your local fleet?  Many fleets use e-mail to communicate with their membership, reminding members of future fleet activities.  It is also important to communicate with the community beyond your local fleet.  Stories about regatta results, or fleet cruises will attract attention of others who might be interested in your fleet, and tell the larger community about the value your local fleet is providing the members of the fleet.  You may also want to consider development of a fleet web site – either as part of your yacht club’s web site, or a local fleet member whose business will provide you space.  Local fleets have the opportunity to share their experiences with the Catalina family through writing articles for the Mainsheet, the quarterly publication sent to all members of the various Catalina families of yachts.  Local fleets may also share their stories with Catalina 25/250 regular members though the TellTale.  These are important vehicles to build fleet strength and to encourage fleet membership.


It is the desire of the officers and staff of the Catalina 25/250 National Association to make the process of organizing a local fleet as simple as possible.  We hope this manual will assist to organize your fleet, and help all your members enjoy their Catalina Yachts even more.


If you have any questions or comments about the Fleet Development Manual please feel free to contact Association Officer for help.


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Application for a New or Renewed Fleet














BOAT – C25 OR C250










































































Please include the following (use back of this page and additional pages as necessary):


·        Fleet Bylaws

·        Fleet Officers


Fleet Captain:  ___________________________


Fleet Secretary:  __________________________


Fleet Treasurer:  __________________________


Fleet Measurer:  ___________________________


Other:  ___________________________________


·        Fleet Program (including expected meetings, racing schedule, cruising schedule and rendezvous schedule)